• I'm a guy who loves space, Gnu/Linux, Unix, and blender stuff. I maintain my own distribution called Sol-OS and maintain various coding projects. Go @nasa!!

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Updated 2 months ago

A media and file viewer for the browser built with Python Flask, JavaScript. and HTML/CSS.

Updated 1 month ago

Use youtube-dl to download videos from the web using Firefox's WebExtension native messaging bridge feature.

Updated 2 years ago

Ursina-Template is an Ursina Game Engine Template project to get started more easily.

Updated 5 months ago


Updated 1 month ago

Search firefox tabs and get a list or automatic direct to the searched tab.

Updated 2 years ago

SolarFM is a Gtk + Python file manager.

Updated 4 days ago

Shellmen is a Shell Menu

Updated 1 year ago

ShellFM is intended to be a generic python wrapper and structure for handling the filesystem by integrating it into other programs. It makes writing filesystem interactions simpler as exemplified in WebFM.

Updated 1 month ago

A template to get you setup to pass a command file and run commands.

Updated 2 years ago Pulled from here as backup of work that I did under the develop branch.

Updated 2 years ago

Remote Mouse is a flask + pyautogui app to control a PC from your phone or any other device.

Updated 2 years ago

Pytop is a Gtk+ Python GUI to have a custom desktop interface.

Updated 5 months ago

A template project for Python with Kivy applications.

Updated 4 weeks ago

A template project for Python with Gtk applications.

Updated 2 days ago