.msh (SWBF toolchain version) exporter for Blender
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.msh (SWBF toolchain version) Import-Exporter for Blender


You install it like any other Blender addon, if you already know how to do that then great! Else head over here to learn how to do it in Blender 3.0.

Reference Manual

Included in the repository is a Reference Manual of sorts. There is no need to read through it before using the addon but anytime you have a question about how something works or why an export failed it should hopefully have the answers.

Work to be done

  • Investigate and add support for editing and exporting SWBF2 cloth.

What from glTF-Blender-IO was used?

The reload_package function from __init__.py. Before writing this I had barely touched Python and when I saw that glTF-Blender-IO had a function to assist script reloading "I thought that's useful, I think I kinda need that and I don't know how to write something like that myself yet.". And it was very useful, so thank you to all the glTF-Blender-IO developers and contributors.