• I'm a guy who loves space, Gnu/Linux, Unix, and blender stuff. I maintain my own distribution called Sol-OS and maintain various coding projects. Go @nasa!!

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Better Youtube + works to improve the Youtube experience.

Updated 14 hours ago

Easy Session Manager allows you to manage your Firefox session by backing up or loading your saved sessions.

Updated 16 hours ago

A template project for Python with Gtk applications.

Updated 1 day ago

SolarFM is a Gtk + Python file manager.

Updated 1 day ago

This is a Spring Boot application to be a thumbnailer for applications. This will support an exposed API and/or local Unix socket whereby queries and submissions for generation can occur. In addition, (currently) an Sqlite3 db will be used to store thumbnails but in the future MinIO might be an option too.

Updated 2 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

Shellmen is a Shell Menu

Updated 6 days ago

# CLI-Project-Template A template to quickly standup a CLI application with PyInquirer or frankly any other CLI UI. # Dependencies ``` sudo apt install python3 ``` # Setup # Images ![1 Default starting interface. ](images/pic1.png) # Notes

Updated 7 days ago


Updated 2 weeks ago

A template to quickly standup a flask webapp with bootstrap and a database.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Collection of random notes I've acquired and made over the years.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Collection of utilities aimed to voice clone through AI

Updated 1 month ago

Pulstar is a Python + Gtk app to control the volume levels

Updated 3 months ago

A media and file viewer for the browser built with Python Flask, JavaScript. and HTML/CSS.

Updated 4 months ago

.msh (SWBF toolchain version) exporter for Blender

Updated 4 months ago