Better Youtube + works to improve the Youtube experience.
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Better Youtube +

Better YouTube + works to improve the YouTube experience by providing quick access to features we'd all like to have from the get-go.

  • It defaults playback to 1080p if able to.
  • It allows quick thumbnail access of the video.
  • It allows setting the loop mode easily.
  • It allows setting the loop mode to a ranged set.
  • It allows the video to be toggled to fixed or floating. (With drag functionality!)
  • It allows volume control through the mouse-wheel when hovering over the player.
  • It allows for quick access to the YouTube video slug.
  • It allows for NonStop watch mode. (i.e, no "Are you still there?" dialog.)
  • It shows volume level as you scroll.
  • It lets Unix, Linux, and MacOS systems have the ability to download the video using native app calls.

Version: 1.5.8

  • Updated attribute search
  • Updated getUrl method caller



1 Controls... 2 Thumbnail list... 3 Secondary controls... 4 Video in float mode... 5 Video moved around in float mode...


On *Nix systems download youtube-dl and use provided app in this repo to download videos.

Mac OS/Linux Setup

To get downloading working do the following:

  1. Check that the file permissions for "" include the execute permission.
  2. Edit the "path" property of "web_video_dl.json" to point to the location of "" on your computer.
  3. copy "web_video_dl.json" to the correct location on your computer. See App manifest location to find the correct location for your OS.
  4. Install the webextension and enjoy!