SolarFM is a Gtk + Python file manager.
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SolarFM is a Gtk+ Python file manager.


Still Work in progress! Use at own risk!

Additionally, if not building a .deb then just move the contents of user_config to their respective folders. Copy the share/solarfm folder to your user .config/ directory too.


The pyrightconfig file needs to stay on same level as the .git folders in order to have settings detected when using pyright with lsp functionality.

Install Setup
``` sudo apt-get install xclip python3.8 python3-setproctitle python3-gi wget ffmpegthumbnailer steamcmd ```

Known Issues

  • The memory leak has now been mostly mitigated in that it doesn't balloon to 2GB'. Still working out where the smaller one(s) is/are.
  • Doing Ctrl+D when in Terminator (maybe other terminals too) somehow propagates the signal to SolarFM too. A selected file in the active quad-pane will move to trash since it is the default key-binding for that action.


  • Add simpleish preview plugin for various file types.
  • Add simpleish bulk-renamer.


1 SolarFM single pane. 2 SolarFM double pane. 3 SolarFM triple pane. 4 SolarFM quad pane.