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This is a Spring Boot application to be a thumbnailer for applications. This will support an exposed API and/or local Unix socket whereby queries and submissions for generation can occur. In addition, (currently) an Sqlite3 db will be used to store thumbnails but in the future MinIO might be an option too.
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Useful scripts to use in godot such as state machines or even shaders.
Updated 2024-04-28 21:51:49 +00:00
A media and file viewer for the browser built with Python Flask, JavaScript. and HTML/CSS.
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Use youtube-dl to download videos from the web using Firefox's WebExtension native messaging bridge feature.
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Ursina-Template is an Ursina Game Engine Template project to get started more easily.
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Search firefox tabs and get a list or automatic direct to the searched tab.
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SolarFM is a Gtk + Python file manager.
Updated 2024-07-04 22:25:44 +00:00
Shellmen is a Shell Menu
Updated 2023-09-27 22:58:19 +00:00
ShellFM is intended to be a generic python wrapper and structure for handling the filesystem by integrating it into other programs. It makes writing filesystem interactions simpler as exemplified in WebFM.
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A template to get you setup to pass a command file and run commands.
Updated 2021-02-16 22:35:44 +00:00 Pulled from here as backup of work that I did under the develop branch.
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.msh (SWBF toolchain version) exporter for Blender
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Remote Mouse is a flask + pyautogui app to control a PC from your phone or any other device.
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