Use youtube-dl to download videos from the web using Firefox's WebExtension native messaging bridge feature.
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The WebExtension, which can be found under "add-on", connects to the native application and downloads the video using youtube-dl

The native application, which can be found under "app", listens for messages from the WebExtension. When it receives a message, the native application runs youtube-dl in the Downloads folder for the passed url from the WebExtension.

*** Look in your Downloads folder to find your video. ***

Mac OS/Linux Setup

To get this working do the following:

  1. Check that the file permissions for "" include the execute permission.
  2. Edit the "path" property of "web_video_dl.json" to point to the location of "" on your computer.
  3. copy "web_video_dl.json" to the correct location on your computer. See App manifest location to find the correct location for your OS.
  4. Install the webextension and enjoy!