A template to quickly standup a flask webapp with bootstrap and a database.
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A template to quickly standup a Flask app with Bootstrap 5, React, OIDC IAM, and a database.


sudo apt install python3


*** Change directory to Flask-Project-Template/ or rename the folder before doing so. Then either run the create_venv.sh script. For windows, you'll need git bash. You can also just create the venv yourself and pip install the dependencies thereafter.

*** To start the application:

Linux/Mac ./linux-start.sh

Windows ./windows-start.sh


1 Default starting interface.


  • Make sure to change the port in the start script as needed.
  • You can change the login route by changing the 'LOGIN_PATH' variable in the init.py file in the 'core' directory.
  • Get Keycloak to use oidc login route.
  • If using Keycloak, make sure to change the client_secrets.json file values to match your Keycloak settings. Or, match Keycloak settings to the client_secrets.json file.
  • Have fun!