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# Python imports
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import re
import threading
# Lib imports
# Application imports
from . import lsp_structs
JSON_RPC_REQ_FORMAT = "Content-Length: {json_string_len}\r\n\r\n{json_string}"
LEN_HEADER = "Content-Length: "
TYPE_HEADER = "Content-Type: "
# TODO: add content-type
class MyEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
Encodes an object in JSON
def default(self, o): # pylint: disable=E0202
return o.__dict__
class JsonRpcEndpoint(object):
Thread safe JSON RPC endpoint implementation. Responsible to recieve and send JSON RPC messages, as described in the
protocol. More information can be found:
def __init__(self, stdin, stdout):
self.stdin = stdin
self.stdout = stdout
self.read_lock = threading.Lock()
self.write_lock = threading.Lock()
def __add_header(json_string):
Adds a header for the given json string
:param str json_string: The string
:return: the string with the header
return JSON_RPC_REQ_FORMAT.format(json_string_len = len(json_string), json_string = json_string)
def send_request(self, message):
Sends the given message.
:param dict message: The message to send.
json_string = json.dumps(message, cls = MyEncoder)
jsonrpc_req = self.__add_header(json_string)
with self.write_lock:
def recv_response(self):
Recives a message.
:return: a message
with self.read_lock:
message_size = None
while True:
line = self.stdout.readline()
if not line:
return None
line = line.decode("utf-8")
if not line.endswith("\r\n"):
raise lsp_structs.ResponseError(lsp_structs.ErrorCodes.ParseError, "Bad header: missing newline")
line = line[:-2] #remove the "\r\n"
if line == "":
elif line.startswith(LEN_HEADER):
line = line[len(LEN_HEADER):]
if not line.isdigit():
raise lsp_structs.ResponseError(lsp_structs.ErrorCodes.ParseError, "Bad header: size is not int")
message_size = int(line)
elif line.startswith(TYPE_HEADER):
raise lsp_structs.ResponseError(lsp_structs.ErrorCodes.ParseError, "Bad header: unkown header")
if not message_size:
raise lsp_structs.ResponseError(lsp_structs.ErrorCodes.ParseError, "Bad header: missing size")
jsonrpc_res ="utf-8")
return json.loads(jsonrpc_res)